Commercial Architectural Photoshoot Cost

So, your commercial architectural project is now in full force and you must be looking for a professional photo shoot. The next thing you want to know is how much it will cost and how fast you will be able to get the pictures of your property.

The primary goal of a commercial architectural photo shoot is to present and enhance the property in its best light in such a way that viewers will feel the need to be there. This calls for attention to detail, patience, precision, and planning around numerous pre-existing conditions that are difficult to manipulate such as the sun position, the weather, existing lighting conditions, and human activity.

When you hire an architectural photographer or commercial photographer, you have to remember that you are paying for the necessary equipment, expertise, and time that will bring more value to your property marketing.

Estimated Photography Prices

Just like properties, photography costs also vary. Different ranges of price will depend on the location, type of shoot, ease of access to spaces, complexity, amount of prep work required, photo quality, usage license, number of shoots, and if aerial or 3D tour photography is needed.

Typically, there are two kinds of pricing, namely per day and per photo.

An architectural photographer or commercial photographer might quote anything around $150 to $350 for the daytime photos and around $750 to $850 for twilight or dusk photographs.

The rates are calculated per day will include the necessary post-production and editing according to the final number of pictures. The range for professional photo shoot can be around $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the variables mentioned above.

Delivery Time

The delivery time depends on the number of captured photos and complexity. The turnaround time may differ depending on the amount of the post-processing. Architectural jobs would need one to two weeks of delivery time. A real estate project may be turned around in one to three business days for the web gallery selection. For final delivery, it requires two to three more days.

Usage License

A license is actually an agreement between the photographer and client for usage rights, which have been granted for a certain project similar to the license as a lease and usage rights as terms of the lease. Photography is a creative business. A professional photographer is paid based on their skills to make eye-grabbing and impressive imagery for clients to market properties. It means that the commissions for photography are considered as the photographer’s intellectual property.

The final photos aren’t actually owned by clients, yet instead licensed depending on its usage. When it comes to commercial real estate photography, usage is property marketing on CIMLS, collateral materials, property websites, and some similar resources. If the building is shot for designers or architects, usage might be for a portfolio, competition, RFP responses, and use outside of the scopes need additional licensing.

Majority of the fees of the photographers would include standard marketing usage agreement, which includes the most common marketing usage for images. However, additional usage that isn’t included would require extra charge, so you have to ensure everything is signed in and agreed in writing to avoid any conflicts and uncertainties.