Orlando Architectural Photography of a New Wine Bar

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Detail photo of a restaurant

With the never-ending stream of new hotels, resorts, restaurants and vacation houses, architectural photography in Orlando can be a rewarding field. Just in 2016, the number of Orlando hotel rooms reached 122,000, and the growth is not stopping. All the hotels and resorts are in need of architectural hotel photography, and many Orlando photographers focus on various segments of the architectural market.

Orlando commercial photographer at Arrow Studio has had the opportunity to photograph many hotels and resorts in the greater Orlando Metro area, including the likes of Marriot, Hilton, Bohemian Hotels, staySky hotels, Legacy Vacation Club hotels, and many others.

Occasionally we get an assignment that looks like an ordinary job, and from a technical standpoint may be an easy project, but the logistics of it may complicate a thing or two.

Restaurant Photography Orlando

Photography of a new venue

Such was an architectural photography assignment for a new restaurant at Disney Springs. A new wine bar was opened in May of 2018, and we were called to tour this new property, to prepare for a photo shoot on the one single day when the bar is closed, right before the opening day. There was no other opportunity to shoot the bar without tourists filling all the seats of this new establishment.

We photographed the individual rooms (bar, entrance, dining room, upstairs bar, private dining room) during the day as well as after dark. You can review the photos below.

Exterior architectural photography

The challenge was to take architectural photos of the exterior. Located in the heart of Disney Springs, the area in front of the restaurant is empty only in the morning hours when the sun rises exactly behind the bar. The client directive was to take an architectural photo of the restaurant at dusk, with no people in front of the restaurant, with the signage lights on, with no rain.

The weather element essentially excludes 90% of the days in Florida. Frequent rains in the PM hours are typical for the summer, but in the weather-confused spring of 2018, it was raining and storming more or less every day of June, July, and August.

The “no people” requirement is another challenge. There is no way to clear the traffic in front of the restaurant without involving Disney, and involving Disney is a level of logistics we did not want to enter.

Thus we decided to take the photo during regular business hours around 8 pm with full traffic in front of the restaurant at a relatively “low” day of the week – Monday. We attempted to take the shot twice. The first night it started storming (photo #1) so there are not many people, but the client did not want a photo of wet streets. The Disney security was notified, and all was cleared for a professional architectural photographer to be taking the photos. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.

We tried our luck for the second time a few months later. We used a very long exposure hoping that most people would walk by without stopping. Ultimately, after two months of attempts, we took the photo #2 at the beginning of August within minutes of a heavy storm approaching. The result is a combination of 5 different HDR photos (a total of 25 images) masked to avoid the people who stopped for longer than 10 seconds.

Exterior Photography in Orlando

At some locations, architectural photography assignments can get more complicated than others. In the end, with adequate patience and planning, most obstacles can be overcome.