An Orlando Commercial Photographer going the “WYSIWYG” way with Wireless Tethering.

Over the last couple of decades, the commercial photography industry in Orlando has changed significantly. With the emergence of digital cameras and digital SLR cameras, the industry moved from dark rooms to computers. The lower cost of professional and semi-pro equipment allowed the mass adaptation and saturated the market.

The technology is unstoppable, and new digital cameras are still evolving. Digital SLR cameras and now much common mirrorless cameras offer a variety of features unheard of just a few years ago. One of the features is tethered shooting.

Tethering allows the connection of a camera to a computer or tablet and instantly view the digital images, or the scene, on the devices. A few years ago this was possible only with a tethering cable, but the new standard is a WiFi tethering, where the images are transmitted wirelessly.

Hi, I am Martin, the man behind “Arrow Studio – Orlando Commercial Photography”.  I carefully adopted the wireless tethering technology a few years back during a lifestyle photoshoot, when my client at the shoot was so much interested in my tablet, that he eventually carried it throughout the property and reviewed each photo I took that day. This could certainly be a problem with a few clients, degrading the photographer’s vision, and prolonging the shoot with changes after changes. The benefit, however, is that there are no surprises. The client gets what he sees and can have his/her own input. Of course, the images are raw and unedited, but the composition is what clients are most interested in. After all, he or she exactly know what they want.  Plus, this what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach protects the photographer from future complains like “this is not what I wanted.”

I have used wireless tethering on many architectural, food, and lifestyle photoshoots and it was always embraced with excitement. The client feels very much a part of the assignment and appreciates the input. In fact, in the last couple of photoshoot, this feature was specifically requested and was a condition to get a photography assignment.

Tethering allows other options including direct upload to a client’s FTP server that further opens another area of possibilities. For now, though my tablet is here to stay so clients can instantly review the product they are purchasing.