Commercial Architectural Photography of Small Space

luxury coach interior photography

Architectural and interior photography assignments have taken us to large ballrooms, hotels, resorts, vacation houses, hospitals, but also to small bathrooms and tiny kitchens. Shooting a small room can bring a whole new set of challenges even for the most experienced architectural photographers, and we managed to master photo shoots of small rooms thanks to unique assignments: commercial photography of luxury motor coaches.

luxury RV interior

There is no need to introduce RVs, or, for the upper market, motor coaches. The market for luxury coaches/RVs has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years and will reach USD 65 Billion by 2024. These luxury coaches are offered in a variety of options and price ranges and a number of them are available for rental or for sale, around the year on the web, and hence the need of commercial architectural photography of the interior. Orlando commercial photographer at Arrow Studio has been shooting luxury motor coaches for the past four years, and with the price range between $1.500.000 and $2.500.000, we estimate the total value of coaches we have photographed at over 100 million dollars.

Luxury motor coaches are sophisticated homes on wheels with multiple TVs, Alexa controls, often with two bathrooms, bidets, a dishwasher, and Swarovski crystal-covered handles on the drawers. Their interiors focus on the perfect use of space as well as the smallest details in all aspects of the coach.

RV interior photography

For an architectural photographer, such small space requires careful consideration of what the client wants to showcase, what angles to use and what lighting sources to deploy. Many times, thanks to a glossy interior finish, it is impossible to use strobes; thus the use of built-in artificial light of the coach must suffice for most of the photos. These days most of the lighting in luxury coaches can be dimmed, balancing the light to get good results. A steady tripod is a must for such architectural photography, preferably positioned away from carpets and other soft floor covers. With an exposure time of 2-4 seconds, the scene should have enough light to deliver good results. Of course, using a wide enough lens is a must in such limited space – in our case 16-35 mm.  The camera is best at level, if possible.

Finally, the second part of such commercial photoshoot takes place in front of a computer in editing software. Straightening lines, adding light to dark corners while dimming excessive highlights, and softening harsh contrast is just part of the extensive editing process.

In the end, such unique commercial photography assignments should deliver images showing exactly the expensive luxury feel the coach deserves.