Advertising Photography – Skin & Fur

Man, dog and tennis balls

Man, dog and tennis balls
Many pages have been written about the objectification of women in marketing and advertising photography. Men are certainly not immune to such treatment, though. Seems like featuring shirtless dudes in ads does not upset as many people (well, it does One Million Moms [Zesty!]). So, if there is an Instagram account #hotdudedwithkittens, why not take advantage of this trend and highlight guys with puppies (and dogs)?

That was the question Dallas based Puchelli decided to answer in their advertising approach to market Puchelli dog collars and leashes. Apparently, “abs sell,” so they decided to line up 20+ pups and one giant Great Dane, as well as 15+ male models to shoot their skin & fur filled advertising campaign.
Man and a dog next to a swimming pool

The photo shoot

Commercial photographer at Arrow Studio flew from Orlando, Florida, to Dallas, Texas for this 3 days long editorial and advertising photography assignment that involved several stylists, assistants, and many dog handlers. The shoot happened in the studio, on the Dallas streets, as well as in private residences. Yes, it is safe to say that in some cases, it turned some heads. Many of the model dogs came from all over Dallas. Some of the male models brought their own dogs to the photo shoot.  It should be noted that all models behaved well and listened to commands of the crew. There were some verbal disagreements among the 4-legged models. Some of them had to be separated, but overall, the advertising photo shoot went as smoothly as possible.

Check out the result of the advertising and editorial photo shoot by Arrow Studio.

Advertising photo of a man, dog and motorcycle Shirtless man and Great DaneShirtless men with a dogMan in a chair with dog by his sideMan in underwear with a dogNaked man in bathroom with dog next to sink