Commercial Product Photography

Commercial Photography of clothing line Zanboor

Orlando-based clothing line Zanboor is our yet another commercial photography client of Arrow Studio. Zanboor means bee in Farsi and a bee logo is prominently displayed on all Zanboor clothing. Former pro tennis player Kelly Liggan is behind this refreshing brand of sports clothing. Zanboor line is organic, thus easy for the skin, especially if you have allergies.
This commercial photography assignment was done at a private tennis court in Sanford, Florida. With the help of volunteer models as well as a model from CFTalent, we produced many images, some of which you can preview here.

Zanboor model Commercial photography Zanboor Product photography Zanboor

Architectural Photography of Hotels in Orlando

Architectural Photography of Luxury Hotel
Architectural photo of a luxury hotel in Mountain Brook, Alabama

Shooting architectural photography in Orlando is a rewarding photography area. Not only for the ROI, but also for the opportunities to visit properties with vast differences in style, design and, yes, price range. With 125,000 rooms available to our tourists, Metro Orlando ranks second in number of hotel rooms per city (after Las Vegas) in the world. As an Orlando architectural photographer, I have shot many resorts and hotels, from the (very) budget ones to the likes of Reunion and Hilton. My architectural photography quest took me also beyond the borders of Florida to Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, Alabama, and other states, as well as to other countries (Belize, Curacao).

The process of hiring an architectural photographer varies in details but has several identical points. The following information could help any hospitality industry professional organize an architectural photography photo shoot, as well as any photographer new to this particular area.

Hotel pool in Orlando at night
Architectural photo of hotel pool in Orlando
Setting up photography assignment

Typical photo shoots of hotels and resorts require exterior architectural photography (buildings, surrounding environment, pool, golf course, etc.) and interior architectural photography (rooms, suites, meeting spaces, lobby, game rooms, theaters, ballrooms, etc).

To accomplish a photography assignment for larger hotels and resorts, a company should budget at least a couple of days for a single location. While shooting a house is, in most cases, a day or less worth of a photographer’s time, shooting in the hospitality industry may take days. Of course, it greatly depends if the client needs to photograph one or two rooms/units, or several types together with ballroom, meeting rooms, restaurant, pool, and countless other amenities.

In Orlando, Florida and other southeastern states, the weather conditions during each season may differ considerably. While early spring may be a good time for low occupancy rate and thus a limited number of tourists, the foliage and landscaping are not in the best condition. Summer is high season for vacationing families and frequent, if not daily, storms (though the foliage looks the best). September and early October is in many cases the best time to schedule a hotel and resort architectural photography job in Orlando, given there is no hurricane in the forecast.

It is essential to schedule a walkthrough of the property before the photo shoot day, preferably a few days before. That allows the photographer to decide what time frame is best for a particular location (in terms of light, foot traffic, and availability), and discuss the schedule to minimally impact the regular “business as usual” of the property. An architectural photography shoot list is typically created after the walkthrough specifying places to shoot, together with a schedule

It is also typical for the company hiring an architectural photographer to provide a point of contact to discuss any issues or answer any questions the photographer may have. Some companies, knowing exactly what they want to achieve, send the assignment to a member of the marketing team to provide support and direction to the photographer.

Interior photography of Orlando hotel
Interior photo of an Orlando hotel room

Before the shoot, hotel and resort companies should notify their staff and security that a photographer and crew will be at the property. All access codes and key cards should be created to assure smooth progress without delays.

If the shoot list requires photography at night or early in the morning (during sunrise), it is typical to provide accommodations even if the photographer is local. For out of town assignments a photographer typically requires accommodations or the photographer budgets hotel expenses into the estimate.

If it is not possible for the client to clear the food traffic from some areas during the architectural photography assignment (for example a pool area), the client is responsible for any model release forms needed to use the images. Typically the photographer may assist in supplying such form.

Photos are delivered to the client several days or several weeks after the photo shoot. The typical delivery is through a cloud service (ie. Dropbox) or on a USB Flash Drive. Arrow Studio is the only Orlando architectural photography business that also offers delivery on unique USB Video Cards.

Should you have any questions regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact Arrow Studio today.

Colby and Barbara

Over the years Arrow Studio shot with model Colby Erskin several times. His name is consistently on the top of our Google searches. With a football career behind, Colby jumped into modeling, and there is certainly demand for his type. In this Arrow Studio photography shoot, Colby paired with Barbara, another Tampa Bay area model, for a steamy shoot that took over several blogs. And yes, the location is once again beautiful Fort DeSoto Park.

Colby Erskin and Barbara by Arrow Studio photography

Couples photography at the beach.

Back at the beach at beautiful Fort DeSoto Park in St. Pete shooting Disney and Jorge. They traveled to our location from Miami. Disney and Jorge, husband and wife, have been in the modeling industry for some time and agreed to model for our commercial photography couples beach shoot on this hot sunny day.

Disney-Jorge De la Concepcion.